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Originally posted by Mares
As for the sempai/kohai problem, if you "leap frog" someone becasue they missed a test and they're jealous or annoyed at you, then that is their problem. They have to learn to deal with it, not you.
You are right, but as someone who did the leap over a dojo's entire student population there will be unpleasant moments and their problems are made into your problems so to speak. Not that you can do anything about it but there can be unpleasantness. It's hardly a valid argument for not testing though.

Anyways, the one valid argument, IMO, that I've heard for testing is that we lack competition and as a result testing fills the void of putting us under pressure.

Still, there are many arts that don't test and somehow they all function just fine. If O'Sensei had come from China we probably wouldn't be testing.

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