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Re: Aikido and kicks

For some of the answers I've read on my thread, I've discover two new stupid, illogical answer to why in Aikido there should be no practice against kicks:

1. The possibilities of being attack by somebody proficient in kicks is very low.
let me remaind all of you who think this way, that is even less probable taht anyone will ever be attacked by a proficient swordsman. So in Aikido the practice of techniques against swords (bokken) should be prohited?
I guess those who use this argument as a valid one use the same logic and do not practice techniques against bokken attack either, Don't you?

2. Very few aikidoist know how to kick proficiently.
Yes, it's true. Also very few are proficient boxers, so, we should stop the practice of techniques against punches? That's just stupid.
As the uke doesn't need to be an excelent boxer for tori to practice techniques against punches, nor uke needs to be a superb kicker.
Those who think this is a valid argument, I guess only accept in their dojos, or train with professional boxers, master grapplers, and excelent kickers, and don't consider as uke to anyone who doesn't have all these skills, don't you?

Bratzo Barrena
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