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Keith R Lee
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Re: Aikido and kicks

There are a couple examples of "aiki" style responses to kicks in this video of a buddy and I:

We were trying to find some type of "aiki" response to kicks, but I think we were pretty unsuccessful realistically. Against someone who does not know how to kick, you're probably okay. But when someone does know how to kick, I'd throw any sort of Aikido techniques out the door, other than evasion.

Trained kickers are too dangerous. And I'm not talkin fancy spinning-jumping-roundhouse-split kicks. I'm talking Thai-style leg kicks, roundhouses, and front stop kicks. Anything other than these are superfluous anyway.If someone knows how to do these kick well and bring some power, there will be no "blending" going on. Either block, or get the hell out of the way.

Keith Lee
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