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Re: Article: Clarity and Self-Delusion in One's Training by George S. Ledyard

I really dug into the column deeply, reread it a few times. A lot of really wonderful stuff to keep coming back to.
The essence I come away with is the combo of be clear about what it is you are doing (eg motives, level of commitment) and do not delude yourself about what you are doing or what results you can expect from what it is you are doing.
Having said that, I respectfully disagree w/ David Valadez lumping together of "a hobbyist, a part-timer, a person just going through the motions, etc."
As a middle aged married person w/ a damaged body, a family, and work obligations, I will NEVER be more than a part timer, and yeah despite how integral I feel aikido is in my life, "hobbyist" fits too---and those categorizations are just fine w/ me.
But I have to object to equating this with "just going through the motions." Doesn't matter how often or how well I am at a particular activity for it to be something with which I am fully present, as mindful and engaged and committed as possible as anybody else in the moment.
I realize, David, that you may have meant an implied "or" , not "and", but as written it does lump em together and I don't think they belong together.

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