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Re: Bad Lower Back Beginner

Originally posted by Antony_Watson

This is kinda a delurk and my first post in one

I've just started Aikido this week and so far I think its great!

About 18months ago I had a motorcycle accident that caused some severe twisting on my lower back and its never been 100% ever since.

Last nite in training the Sensei had us learning to roll backwards from a seated position retaining our knees in a tucked position.

We were told not to roll over backwards completely only until our knees reached the peak of their arc.

After performing this exercise over 50 times I felt fine but when I got home my lower back felt uncomfortable.

Today it is still noticably unhappy.

I was wondering did people with healthy backs also experience some discomfort when first performing rolls when never have done this sort of thing before in their life?

Also have I just picked a silly hobby for someone with not the best lower back?

My chiro says I need more exercise and while performing aikido I feel so energised and tingley and happy.

Well, I actually know your instructors so my first question would be have you told them about your bad back?

None the less i hope you stick at it. It is a lot of fun, and you have a good bunch of guys out there in Mt Waverly.
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