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Thomas Milton
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Re: I cant find an Aikido dojo, help!

Hello John,

I am a USAF-WR Ronin who has faced similar struggles in this neighborhood. There is a guy named Mike Williams who trained yoshinkan and worked with Reynosa Sensei. He will burst your aikikai bubble. His phone is 592-0372. An irregular group met on Alico rd. at Dragon Master Karate.There is another guy named Cliff Williams, but I never looked him up. I was told people stood round and talked. My first sensei was Juba.I tried to organize a class with a Hapkido Sandan in Naples, but I wore him out, and he thought it would be better to teach from a book and run an easy class. I said farewell. I am now a weakling who moves worse than Chiba Sensei's proverbial "pregnant dog", but would look forward to training with someone. In 15 years of on and off time I am 2nd. Kyu but that is no indication of the progress I have made. I have extra weapons if you know others who are interested.



P.S. My cell is 239-821-3321
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