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Originally posted by AikidoNuB

The purpose of elimination competion was mainly in my opinion to allow practice of Aikido by anyone of any age and any size or strength.
Like Peter, I've been staying clear of this thread. I dont think there's anything left to add to the debate about competition that hasn't already been said in this forum, and I'm pretty sure most of us are bored of hearing the same old arguments.

I have a couple of questions about Fugakukai though:

Is it just shiai which has been taken out of Fugakukai aikido, or is there no competition of any kind? (ie: are there also no kata competitions, like Shodokan embu events, or maybe like the Taigi competitions held by the Ki Society?)

Does Fugakukai judo have shiai and/or kata competition? If so, is Fugakukai judo exclusively for the young and fit, or does competition deter the older aikidoka but not the older judoka?

Just curious.

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