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Richard Harnack
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Re: Teaching Intent?

Originally posted by TAC One
What are the teaching methods to teach intent to the students?
Do you feel some that specific technical choices can condition the attitude of your aikido students?

Just one example. A yokomenuchi strike. Nage steps back with ushiro tenkan and the do shihonage.
Could the more common beginner mistakes about this technique (for example: to step back too much and too soon, pulling uke instead that absorbing his attack) discourage uke from performin full intent (we are talking about lucidity, intent, not really speed or force) honest / self committed attacks?
Stefano -
Buon giorno!

Uke's Intention.
Assuming you are speaking solely about beginners. First model the behavior you want. Second, show in individual instances just how the yokomenuchi can be done slowly with the proper level of committment to the attack. Third, show the beginner how to fall safely from the throw.

Nage's Intention.
Nage needs to be clear that while their partner is striking yokomen at a steady and committed pace, they need to move at the same speed, not faster or slower. Thus as Uke increases their speed of attack, Nage increases proportionally their speed of defense.

Intention In General.
Oftentimes I ask my students to reflect on what they are thinking during practice. When they are being Uke, is their intention to frustrate their partner or is it to give a good committed attack that helps Nage learn?
When they are Nage, is their intention to fling their partner to the ground with great force, or to perform and effective technique which guides Uke's force?


Yours In Aiki,
Richard Harnack
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