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Re: Article: On the Interdependent Nature of Tactics and Strategies by "The Grindstone"

No, I wouldn't say that anyone was taught that commitment leads to defeat. It is a subconscious construct of our training culture - that was my point. Moreover, because commitment is a cultivated state, this subconscious construct becomes reinforced by our own ego hangups - particularly our fears. This means that we can subconsciously come to associate commitment with defeat (in truly spontaneous environments) at the same time that we can satisfy our habitual tendencies to have our fears dictate us along a path of non-commitment.

My experience suggests that we can never see this for what it is if we only continue onward with our Aikido training. This is like the eye trying to see itself. We need a mirror or something, some kind of contrast. One way to gain this contrast is to go 180 degrees opposite to Aikido training paradigms, such as, "In this training, we just do whatever. You do whatever, and I do whatever."

The closer you get to this kind of training, all the assumptions and/or the subconscious constructs of our own Aikido training culture come to the surface in a sea of awareness - awareness that comes to us via the type of self-reflection that makes use of contrasting training cultures. This is just straight Bruce Lee/Krishnamurti stuff - or, if one is not familiar with the thinking of these men, this is how you come to see the States more clearly after you take a trip abroad for a relatively long period of time.

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