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Ledyard Sensei is correct. No one of the shihan who were sent to spread aikido (or those who remained in Japan) could be said to have complete insight into O'Sensei's aikido; after all it was his reality, his mind, his body, his perceptions that made it exactly his aikido. That all said, I think that most of the shihan at least at a basic level practice a similar physical model of aikido, which is why I can go to an ASU school or an Iwama school or to Hombu dojo and know basically what is going on. Specifically, Waite sensei studied in Great Britain under Chiba I believe, then came to NYC and was an uchi deshi for a long time under Yamada sensei. So, what is shown in Aikido 3D is the way Waite sensei does aikido as he learned it from Yamada sensei, which in turn is the way he does aikido as he learned it from O'Sensei. Technically, it presents "pretty much" what Yamada sensei would want to see in basic technique for any United States Aikido Federation student during the called portion of their shodan, nidan, sandan, rokyudan tests...
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