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Re: Aikido3D

Ben Eaton wrote:

I've been reading this thread, and have been trying to find exactly what this "style" of Aikido is and how it differs from the style I learn in my dojo, which my sensei tells me is traditional aikido.

Could anyone tell me what style is on the program (assuming the same that Donovan Waite Sensei practises), and how it differs from traditional Aikido?

There is no such thing as "traditional" Aikido. There are multiple Aikido traditions... There are styles created by teachers from the early thirties, there are styles created by teachers who trained in the late thirties into the forties and early potwar, there are styles created by post war deshi and then there are vastly different approaches taken by each of these teachers within each time period. None is more "traditional" than any other although each tradition is apt to maintain that it had more of a lock on what O-sensei taught than the others which is also completely bogus. Each teacher took what fit him and what he was capable of understanding. That's it.

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