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Taylor Franklin
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Re: Slow Aikido

I'd have to say its a learned thing, it's not that they're going very slow, it is that they know how to do it at an acceptable pace that is both applicable to the mood of how they want to teach and showy enough to show that it is effective

For example. When you first learned to drive - if you do drive and you can remember the first few times - its very fast paced, its hard to take in everything. After a few rounds and some experience builds things slow down. Now compare back then if you were to drive to the mall from your house, and now. You could do it much safer(hopefully), faster(even if you are not speeding), and more percise if a problem were to arise. The first-timer self would probably have a hesistate, have a wreck, be very nervous, etc. That's how I look at it.
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