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Re: Aiki Doh's

In my second year of training I was a rather regular guest at the beginner-class where there are a lot of ki tests and aikido basics being explained etc. As I was, so to say, the beginner with the most experience, naturally I was selected as uke whenever needed. This one time our sensei tried to explain the point of the "rowing excercise", how to do it correctly and what it's benefits are.

After showing the posture and movement on his own, he calls me up and says: "Grab my wrists and try to remain in one-point." I do what I'm told and he goes on explaining how you have to move with your centre instead of just using the strenght of your arms in order to move someone holding your wrists like that.

So, we're standing there, me holding his wrists, him explaining the theory, looking at the class, moving his hips back and forth. I'm thinking, OK, now he's gonna pull me towards him just enough for me to jerk forward and lose my centre and balance hence underlining the theory with practical evidence.

Yeah, right! Next thing I know I was holding my sore nose, seeing stars, hearing the class laugh at the close encouter of my face and sensei's mighty hara. I should have seen that one coming!
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