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Re: Aikido against judo

Here is a link of the Judo God himself, K. Mifune (30 minutes streaming video, may take a while to upload... took me half a day, but absolutely worth it) ...
Towards the end of the clip, I clearly see K. Mifune teaches aikido'esque stuff to his students, tenkan being one of them. I see his student coming at him in a shomen tsuki attack and K. Mifune just tenkan and did what appears to be a crude kaiten nage with atemi.

Personally I would be comfortable sparring with Judo guys... and that would certainly involve me holding a little thingy called Jo. Not fair you said? Who said anything about being fair? If a Judoka wishes to be a dojo yawara at my dojo, he will have to play by my game... OK, I will stop being a virtual tough guy now, and resume being my geeky self.


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