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Re: Aikido against judo

I happen to agree with George here on a lot of aspects.

He has commented that you train to be a fighter. People like the old timers were training to beat other styles. This is what made a style successful back then. No one wanted to study an art that could not compare to "place the top martial art here".

We had Kimura challenging Gracie, we had etc etc challenge all the time to prove which art was more successful.

What George is simply stating is that it isn't the Aikido that lacks, it is the way you are being trained. If you feel your instructor is not teaching you the way you want to be taught you are either going to 1) ask him how to defend against whatever you want to know (more than likely a private lesson) 2) Find an instructor that teaches what you want 3) Join Judo 4) Join BJJ 5) etc etc.

Your instructor can only teach you so much. This is why cross training is so important if you feel you want to use your skills in self-defense. Its also important to challenge and compete like the old timers did to increase knowledge and skill. To beat another art, you must know that art and how to defend from it.

Good luck, keep training

Devon Natario
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