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Re: Aikido against judo

Hey Dean,thank you.I guess you really understood how i really feel.Its not really abt beating a Judo student,its just that i read a book about Tohei sensei,and in it,it made it seem like Aikido is the nemesis of Judo kinda thing.I really like Aikido alot.I believe in the philosophical aspect of Aikido as well,but i started learning Aikido as a martial art.And i believe i shld at least be able to defend myself after like 5-6 years of training.Abt getting getting in combat, i use to get into alot of fights when i was younger.Occasional use of weapons but mostly fist fights.Aikido changed my life in a way,i stopped all those crap after i started training in Aikido.But it struck me recently when i realise i cant seem to be able to use Aikido to defend myself against my friends when we were doing some wrestling kinda game.Thats when i really started questioning abt my Aikido.Sorry i know i might seem to be repeating myself alot ard here,but i just hope i can get the right msg across.

And er, i really hope someone knows where to get the footage of Tohei sensei fending himself in Randori while he was in Hawaii.Lotsa ppl wanted to put Aikido down, but he proved all of them wrong and demostrated that Aikido works! i really wanna see it.I hope you guys have sources on it.
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