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Re: Aikido against judo

I'm going to chime in here, mainly to play Devil's Advocate concerning George's comments.

I think the poster understands that he is never going to be mugged by a judoka and yes, I agree that the chance of having to actually take on another serious martial artist 'on the street' is remote. However, I think the poster is asking why he can not use what he has learned as an Aikidoist to thwart someone studying Judo? It concerns him as his very belief in what he is studying is in jeopardy.

We all know of times in the past when we have questioned our martial art. I think this is what it comes down to. Not necessarily just how to beat a Judoka.

My response to the original question is that it is not the martial art, but the martial artist that wins the fight (if that is your intention). The character with the most determination, the better timing and greater preparation will triumph. Sometimes, dare I say it. It just comes down to luck!

I think you will find more of your answers as you continue your training, as long as you train with a questioning mind. Train sincerely, don't just go through the routine of training.

Why does it matter so much that you beat a judo student anyway?

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