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Re: Fujita Shihan 8th Dan in the Philippines

Moriya Hideki, Aikido 5th Dan Aikikai, to join DSASGP Official Launch and Commemorative Seminar

The DSASGP Official Launch and Commemorative Seminar Featuring Fujita Masatake Aikido 8th Dan Aikikai and R Jun Batobalani Aikido 6th Dan Aikikai, will also be graced by Moriya Hideki, Aikido 5th Dan, of the Aikikai Hombu.

This means that the commemorative seminar will feature a truly powerhouse line-up of instructors, the likes of which has not been seen before in the history of Aikido in the Philippines. With Fujita Shihan 8th Dan, Batobalani Sensei 6th Dan, Moriya Sensei 5th Dan, and Balani Sensei 4th Dan as the featured instructors, the commemorative seminar on January 20-22, 2006, should not be missed!
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