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Re: Aikido against judo


The question is, how often to you engage a fully resistant opponent in your Aikido practice? If the answer is "rarely", then that's where you should look for improvement. The techniques of Aikido are nothing special and are in no way tactically superior to the hand to hand techniques of other martial systems. It's actually training method that distinguishes effectiveness from non-effectiveness.

Forget the arguments of "you have to break it or it doesn't work." Wrestling and Judo don't start in a clinch, either. 10 years ago, I engaged in a very similar experiment, and lost time after time to a wrestler with a smattering of BJJ exposure. You have to be competent in all ranges, not just the Aikido range, so if you wind up in the clinch or on the ground, you know how to escape and get back into "your" zone.

That passage by Tohei had a tremendous impact on me as well, since I was a Judoka before coming to Aikido. While that instance did happen, I have also heard anecdotes of not-quite-so-smooth demonstrations when audience members have been called up. Why didn't he write about those?


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