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Re: Aikido against judo

Some thoughts and suggestions:

Tohei did judo before he did aikido, which give him a huge advantage over the judoka who knew little about aikido. Secondly, we can evaluate Tohei's aikdo at least as 'decent'.

The distance in judo is generally smaller than in aikido, so try not to get into judo range. Never box a boxer, never judo with a judoka, etc. Make 'em all do aikido (preferably ukemi).
Also, when an aikido technique goes wrong, you often end up at judo distance...

Read David M. Valadez his november column and the thread about it. It's hard to play with judoka, because you need to strike them or threaten to do so to prevent them from calmly closing in you, grab your gi and lauch you through the air. If they need to be mindful of striking, they need to close in quickly, which gives you more energy to work with (or get run over by, of course).
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