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Fred Little
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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Hi Tom,

I like H. Ikeda's quote. As for the part of O'sensei being budhhist, may not entirely be accurate. He was a shinto devotee, not buddhist as far as I know.

Saying he is buddhist may be like saying the Pope is an Anglican and the archbishop of Cantebury is a Catholic. This being the closest analogy I can come out at the moment.

Most Japanese are Buddhist when they die. Because the Shinto priests don't have anything to do with dead bodies as a basic matter of ritual purity.

That's a little bit flip, but really, almost every Shinto shrine has a small Buddhist space within it and vice versa.

Most Japanese are Buddhist, Shinto, and Confucian, see no conflict there, and their ritual practices are context appropriate.

It would be fair to say that Shinto appears to have been the dominant theme in the Founder's practice during his lifetime.
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