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Re: Article: On the Interdependent Nature of Tactics and Strategies by "The Grindston

Just a little bit more...
Camilla Kieliger wrote:
There are physical, direct consequences of my assumptions. So I am with Kevin on the allegory - aikido can be a very effective way to mirror your pitfalls back at you. Whether you see and deal with it or not is another matter.
The problem is when there aren't any consequences... a lot of people I've come across train this way. No matter what silliness I come up with, they fall down.

Camilla Kieliger wrote:
Can you really be all-aware?
Personally, I would say probably not, but it's more useful to live as if it was possible, and try to get as far as possible. becuase even if it wasn't possible to be all-aware - where would we set the limit?

and now i really need to be gone!
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