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Re: Article: Clarity and Self-Delusion in One's Training by George S. Ledyard

Still, sometimes there's the little voice in my head that says that I really would like to be that serious, train that much, be able to take that many breakfalls etc etc. and that I'd really like to be treated as if I was...but in the end, fact is that I'm not prepared to put more time into it than I already do. It's my choice, and I can't demand a different outcome than what I've chosen for.
See? That's me. And I'm not accusing Ledyard Sensei of degrading students who CAN only train two or three times a week. Now, for those students that do train as much (or as little?) as we do... and think of themselves as being big, bad black belts or something... well, they're just kididng themselves. And I hope this article will get their attention!

If Aikido has taught me anything, it would be humiltiy. Seeing men in their 70's throwing people around like ragdolls tends to wake you up and make you realize... there are bigger fish.

Personally, I've never doubted the existence of bigger fish.

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