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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

Lynn Seiser wrote:
As my usualy stance, of which I never tire repeated, people are effective or ineffective, not systems.
Up to a point, Lord Copper.

In pure terms, muay tai (for instance) may not be a more effective system than aikido, but I suspect that in the short term, muay tai will probably make you an effective person more quickly.

This assumes, of course, that by 'effective' you mean 'good at violently injuring people'. I don't, which is part of the reason I choose to take up aikido.

You're right of course that any discussion of this kind tends to get clouded by the fact that as well as the variation from art to art, there's variation from style to style, class to class and student to student. Coming from tai chi, I know that all too well...
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