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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Article: Clarity and Self-Delusion in One's Training by George S. Ledyard

The problem is, my ancestors had nothing at all to do with that debacle. They were too busy trying to live in this foriegn country as human beings, while being seen by many other americans of the time as animals. Which would not excuse me for:

a) Coming on an aikido board with no experience in aikido and speaking rudely to a respected participant with many years of experience.

b) Pushing a Politically Correct agenda over the innocent use of a loan word from another culture.

c) Identifying myself as a SWM, then claiming to be a 'native Hawaiian'...

The fact is, you come off a little looney so far. You aren't helping yourself yet...just digging the hole deeper.


Robert Fortune wrote:
Another American *expert* on Hawaiians and Hawaiian culture. If you knew an iota of what I know you'ld know for a fact who are the fools here. Yeah Ron, I know all about it. How tough your ancestors were. Had to resort to germ warfare to kill over 1 million of our men, women and CHILDREN! Impressive! Truly impressive. Care to thank us for the Book of Genesis Ronny? HA!



"Nothing's worse than ignorance." - George Harrison "Brainwashed"

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