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Mike Collins
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Re: who'd you go back in time to train with?

I'd like to take a beating from a young Shirata Sensei. I'd like to train one on one with Kato Sensei just to see if I could hang with him as a young guy. Problem is, I'd need to do all this with a young me. This one is too beat up and tired to play with the big boys in their prime. Terry Dobson maybe just before he came back from Japan; Tomiki Sensei while he taught at the Kobukan. And with OSensei in 1925, while he was working stuff out. With Nidai Doshu in 1965 for some reason. With current Doshu in 1979. Wally Jay in 1964-5. Have coffee with Bruce Lee....

There are just too many really amazing possibilities. I'd like to go back and see if I (now) could kick my own (then) butt, and get me straightened out earlier. Or tell my Dad what a smart guy he was. If people could ever begin to go backward, there'd be a population boom in our own immediate past.
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