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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

I think many confuse self defense with fighting/brawling...

With regards to self defense... let's see.

1) The ukemi learned in Aikido is good self defense against accidentally slipping on a piece of banana skin or ground frost.

2) The cardio that you from getting up and being thrown all the time is a good defense against cardio vascular disease.

3) The workout you get improve you stamina and lung capacity.

4) The body co-ordination needed to do aikido improve balance and is a good defense against falling down

5) The good environment in a typical aikido dojo is a good place to enhance mental well being.

6) etc etc ...

And one last word... Shioda Kancho said aikido enable harmony even in confrontation. Not many martial art is able to let its practitioner do that, is it?


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