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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

answer to robert fortune:
hello Robert, I think you might be answering the wrong thread, I never talk about brute force. I talked about self-defense.
You can defende yourself with brutal force, or as Aikido allows, with the use of techniques that are posible with the minimum amount of muscular force (when properly done). So don't be confuse:
I'm not talking about Aikido being applied with brute force, I think you need to re-read my thread, is the absolute opposite.
Aikido allows you to defend yourself with the minimum amount on muscular force necessary. But you have to use your muscles anyway. Just to touch your nose you have to use your muscles to take your hand to your nose, or to be standing, you need to use the muscles of the legs to support you.
So maybe your answer came because I stated that sometimes could be necessary to hurt someone (if the situation required it for any particular reason), well, you don't have to use brute force in that case either, with just a gentle blow is easy to brake a nose, or with a gentle presure break a joint.
What makes Aikido what it is, is that its techniques allow you to control a person without hurting them, but also they allow you to really hurt anyone.
Now I'm not advocating hurting people at all, but that is a tool that is there to be used ONLY IF NECESSARY.
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