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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

hello Dirk,
I don't disagree with practicing Aikido movements that are not made for self-defense, some movements are just made for understanding principles and teaching body movements. They are useful and absolutelu necessary. I also must make clear that in the Dojo, there is no competition, nobody wins and nobody looses. But you should never loose the self defense aspect of the art. Taking your example:

Quote: But most of the time in training you just do fitness exercises and improve your handling the ball without taking care of the goals standing around all the time. That is at least my impression.

Answer: in soccer, you train drills, how to move the ball with your feet, how to kick a ball , with specific exercices that have nothing to to with scoring goals. But you learn that as a previous step to be able to play properly and score goals. You just don't learn to kick a ball for the sake of it.

By the way, I'm not a "fighter person", I've had very few fights in my live, and nothing more than children stuff. I guess the last time I had "fight" (a couple of punches basically) was at school, when I was 11, I'm 35 now.
So self- defense doesn't mean to go around hurting people just because is fun, or I wanna feel strong.
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