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Re: who'd you go back in time to train with?

Sorry Rob, the theory your referring too, has one little drawback you can't go back past the time of the vehicle date of construction, if it ever gets developed. According to Amos Ori who proposed the model your referring too. It is an interesting theory though- here is the easy short version (only way I could get it) from theoretical physicist Amos Ori:
What I describe is some configuration of spacetime, some distribution of curvature that will allow a physical object or person to move along an orbit and travel back to the past. I wrote mathematically the initial configuration of spacetime, which according to the laws of nature, will evolve into a time machine, provided that the process is not first destroyed by instability. The question is: Will nature allow such a configuration?

So your plan about revisiting seminars may hold possible if this were to work...It is a fascinating theory, though.
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