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Camilla Kieliger wrote:
See, I would think women are attracted to and stay with Aikido because it allows them to be agressive in a "safe" way - dealing with agression in and outside themselves. Try things out without actually hurting anyone.
Aloha folks!
(Steve (our resident pie plate destroyer- We just gotta see *that* pic Steve!), Camilla, Mary, etc...),

Very insightful replies. I enjoyed them all. I find it most pleasant that there are actually women, young and old(er), who frequent this this site.

Given that women outnumber men on this little planet it stands to reason that they should be represented *at least* equally everywhere which is more often than not, not the case at all.

Of course martial arts having the common knowledge definition of physical combat between two opposing sides isn't likely to catch many womens' interest.

From what I've read on the subject of female Aikido students (I consider all who study Aikido ,students of the art) women do seem to have a very good reputation as to being quite good at learning, understanding and practicing the basics, and just like men, the more advanced areas of the art of Aikido and some even going on to teach it to others.

*I* personally believe that aikido is ideal for many women. There is the intelligent philosophy in aikido that "muscling up" is not required and is in fact a detriment to the art in that those added muscles get in one's way and tend to slow one down. There's a real tradeoff there. One of power *or* speed and a careful balancing of the two qualities is required.

The regular practice of aikido keeps one's body toned up and in very good physical condition without adding excess bulk (something no doubt important to women) .And that of course would also work in a woman's favor should a she find herself in a threatening situation she would likely appear to be the last person to worry about when it turns out she should in fact be the first person to be concerned with as far as an agressive attacker would be concerned. The element of suprise! SLAM! (Huh?* * * *&%*!( Hey Buddy! You alright? Ahh! Where am I?)....(Oh! I hope they have that skirt that's on sale in my size. What a lovely day. I think I'll stop and buy myself some flowers.)

As far as agressiveness I believe there are different types of agressiveness. There is of course the uncalled for unprovoked unjustified type of agression which we are all most familiar with.

But then there's also the justified form of agression. That would be when the ability to defend one's self becomes a useful skill to have in one's skillset
and one must use some level of agression appropriate to deal with a given situation in order to defend one's right to peacefully exist.

There is no doubt quite a difference between the two in real life experience. Of course in training one no doubt needs to train for worse-case scenarios. Interesting subject, agression.
Peace, Justice & Love.


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