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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

Quote: In the end theres only one way to see if aikido is effective in real life and thats to use it in real life. And as long as no one here has (hopefully) then theres not much more we can say other than "if this" "if that"

Answer; this thread wasn't meant to discuss Aikido in any specific situation or against any specific attack, personally, I don't like "If this's" and "If that's". It was meant to express a general, basic, and fundamental part of Aikido: self-defense.

Quote: I think aikido is effective in some situations and in some it isnt.

Answer: In theory, as any other martial art, Aikido can be effective in any situation because its principles are universal, and respond to the laws of physics and body mechanics, but we are humas, and WE may not be ready to confront any situation.
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