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Re: Aikido And Self- Defense

I think aikido is effective in some situations and in some it isnt. The same goes with its techniques , some are truly useful while others may just be used for improving other techniques. Im no expert but im positive that there is more to aikido than love and peace. Of course its peaceful and of course its principles are just, but that isnt to say that it can't be applied in real situations.

I think i stated this in another thread, but if you ever need to disarm someone with a weapon, pin someone, or get yourself loose of someones grip then aikido can definitely come in handy. And i think that goes for these as well as many other situations.

In the end theres only one way to see if aikido is effective in real life and thats to use it in real life. And as long as no one here has (hopefully) then theres not much more we can say other than "if this" "if that"

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