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Re: I Want That Wrist!

I suspect that women who don't wish to deal with aggression seldom consider any martial art--it's possible they would appreciate aikido, but they are unlikely even to try it. They end up in yoga or gymnastics or tai chi instead.

Mary Heiny sensei said at a seminar that when she went to Japan and discovered she was no longer the smallest person in the dojo--in fact, she was about average size in a group of mostly men--she spent two years delightedly thrashing little Japanese guys before getting over the thrill. I think I've encountered that attitude in successful female students more often than "Isn't it great this is a non-violent art?"

I occasionally have the pleasure of training with a female Tasmanian Devil (a small woman, but incredibly fast and energetic, and highly skilled). Seeing her attack has definitely inspired me to develop the commitment and intensity of my own attacks. She has a way of coming up out of ukemi that makes you feel in your bones she'll be at your throat next second--it's lovely to behold.

Mary Kaye
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