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Re: who'd you go back in time to train with?

Mike Braxton wrote:
When you do look, you see Tae Kwon Do everywhere.
This is because, in America at least, TKD is pretty much all about business, profit, and self-promotion. It's a shame, really. I can remember one of my teachers (native Korean) having us walk for miles putting handbills on cars, attending sales training seminars, waving at traffic on busy streets, doing demos in bars and nightclubs, and telling parents of prospective students how "coordinated" and "well suited to TKD" their kids already were, even though some could barely put one foot in front of another without falling down. It was embarrasing. I hated it. And it hit rock bottom when he spent a million$$$ to produce an action movie with him as the star, and then went to Cannes to try and promote it. Now he makes his money running seminars and management retreats for those who want to get rich opening "day-care dojos". Sigh...
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