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Re: Poll: Which do you think is more important in aikido?

"If I had great mobility and average stability, my Aikido wouldn't be as effective as if I had great stability and average mobility. Look at the masters - they have roots that go all the way to the center of the earth, and their movements can at times be barely perceptible." - D.Hammer

Yes, better said than the words I used.

The spin I tried to take was that stability should always be actively sought, but mobility could be had passively. I once caught a punch and pushed the person to their knees - I didn't really move at all. Just concentrated on my own stability and down they went.

Another example is 'floating' a hip throw. You think about your feet and you just dribble off the attacker's hip, calm as can be. Then you choke the crap out of them!!!.............sorry.

Words. Blah!

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