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Re: who'd you go back in time to train with?

I would want to see these great people too. I don't think I would _start out_ going back to see O-sensei or Yamaguchi sensei doing their best aikido for anything other than to get an image. I would want to find some excellent folks while they were more intermediate level and spend time with them first. Then I would want to go see those incredible instructors mainly to get to work out with the folks in the class. I guess I still think it is easier to learn from people who are just a little bit over you than it is to learn from someone miles ahead of you. I remember visiting Takeda sensei. After about a week and a half of me attacking him at full speed and wondering how he seemed to disappear and reappear behind me, I got fairly convinced that I wasn't going to be ready to understand what the heck he was showing any time soon. I don't really want to spend any more time being _that_ hopelessly lost. I figure if I still have no idea what he is doing, I'm not going to get all that much insight by watching his teacher or his teacher's teacher - not yet anyway. BUt hope springs eternal.

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