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John Brockington
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Re: Article: On the Interdependent Nature of Tactics and Strategies by "The Grindstone"

Please forgive me if I misunderstand the point, or points, but Kevin are you saying that in order to gain some understanding or enlightenment in conflict resolution (with others, self, the world) that one must confront one's deficits or allow them to be challenged and even better to actually engage in conflict as a process of examining one's self? Sort of a moment of epiphany in a garden by a persimmon tree, perhaps? And if this is so, then do the specific details of the conflict or challenge matter as much as the confrontation of self? If this is what we are trying to really achieve, it seems to me that the only possible judge of what needs to be addressed and whether or not it is adequately addressed is the individual in question, as long as they are brutally honest with themselves. On the other hand, I'm sure there are as many reasons for budo and martial training as there are individuals, and not everyone has this sort of goal in mind and not everyone wants to be brutally honest with themselves.
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