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what we're doing with their bodies.
I like how that sounds ;-)
Other than being unethical and starting fights or encouraging challengers, is there any other way of giving students confidence in the utility of aikido?
I've personally learned that students want to feel like they are taking classes from the right person. So your self-confidence is everything. They want to know that your teachings are the right once. This is often diffecult in my dojo since we don't have one style that all would follow, but everyone rather follows their own "idols". In my case the situation is even more diffecult 'cause I don't follow anybody, not perfectly anyway. Now even my own teacher, who commonly smiles and says that I walk a path between styles. So, like you said I often have to explain things from A - Z before I'm understood.

But there are other ways then just walking around with a ego size of the ceiling. Students often also appreciate characteristics (I hope I spelled that right) and personality.

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