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[quote=Steve Mullen]funnily enough i was caught in some strong winds today and something hit me, or rather it would have. i was walking to work and a paper plate which had contained something with a lot or sauce was flying around in the wind and headed directly for me. instinctivly i did a fivekan (i.e. half a tenkan.....okay so that bit should be in the humour section under aiki-puns, but whatever) and deflected the paper plate, thus keeping my pretty appearance. that's when it struck me, while im sure aikido has had a major effect on the lives of every aikidoka it is often those small effects which, while often going overlooked make aikidoka who they are (the crazy paper plate dodging tenkan-in-public-doing types).

Aloha Steve,

Have you a digital camera? I was thinking perhaps you could re-create the above action, have a buddy capture it in a photo and add that photo to your collection of pics here on AikiWeb. I leave the quote for *that* picture for you to compose. A "self-portrait" if you will.

I'm somewhat curious about something Steve. Is it your experience since beginning the study of Aikido that there are a significant number of women studying Aikido in the dojo(s) where you('ve) train(ed)? Are their numbers growing or pretty much the same as when you started practicing Aikido? I would think of all the martial arts, Aikido would be the one more women would be drawn towards given its emphasis on non-agressiveness. Peace, Justice & Love.


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