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Steve Mullen
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Re: I Want That Wrist!

Robert Fortune wrote:
Yesterday while outside in the wind I found that answer just blowing around in the wind.
funnily enough i was caught in some strong winds today and something hit me, or rather it would have. i was walking to work and a paper plate which had contained something with a lot or sauce was flying around in the wind and headed directly for me. instinctivly i did a fivekan (i.e. half a tenkan.....okay so that bit should be in the humour section under aiki-puns, but whatever) and deflected the paper plate, thus keeping my pretty appearance. that's when it struck me, while im sure aikido has had a major effect on the lives of every aikidoka it is often those small effects which, while often going overlooked make aikidoka who they are (the crazy paper plate dodging tenkan-in-public-doing types).

How many of you have been on a train platform aimlessly wandering while waiting for a train, you reach one side of the platform and what do you to tia-sabaki if you are anything like me. to me this is the most profound influence aikido could have on me, it is a part of me down to my core, it is with me every step i take, it is a silent partner in my head telling me to relax when i get too angry. My aikido is me.

Man that last bit sounded way deeper than i expected it to, nevermind!!!!

"No matter your pretence, you are what you are and nothing more." - Kenshiro Abbe Shihan
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