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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Sonja McGough wrote:
But as every organisation includes different techniques on the way to shodan, that would mean that kihon waza are different in every organisation, right?
I have also heard the definition of kihon waza as techniques practiced staticly as opposed to techniques done Flowing/in movement (I forgot the name for that). I think I got that from some Iwama/Takemusu video or so... Is that also correct?

Thanks for the answer!

Yes you are correct, the kihon waza for me might be different than yours. The tests that I do are from Yamada Sensei but my testing Senseis added some weapons to them. Even if we are in the same organization, your way of doing a technique might be different from my way. Currently when I test, there is about 8 dojos that get together {all Aikikai} but under the direction of two different Senseis. It's interesting to see how the same technique is done differently be each dojo {differences due to dojo-chos}. Sometimes it can get scary for if you are paired up with someone from another dojo and you don't know exactly what to expect from the technique. You have to have good ukemi and think quick on your feet to fall the proper way. I have some people in my dojo that are 2nd kyu as well but they aren't so quick a foot. They always pray that they are paired up with a fellow dojo mate during tests.

The flowing techniques are called oyo waza. And yes, you are correct in your assumption that kihon waza is always done statically.
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