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Re: Slow Aikido

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Now, once you get used to doing things slow, of course, then you can ramp it up, from say 1/4 speed to 1/2 and so forth... .
I agree that moving slowly at first lets us work on correct posture, etc.
The hardest thing I've found, though, especially lately, is getting uke to follow through with their intention, as if, they were going faster to complete the attack.
I'm also reminded of Morihito Saito Sensei's visits to the United States & his insistence that the weapons forms be learned slowly & correctly so that we can do them without strength!

It seems harder to impress on our newer, younger students the importance of the process of start-stop, then awase, then Ki No Nigare so that (hopefully) the form does not break down.

Not that I'm ever guilty of that myself!

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