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Steve Mullen
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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe

once again monty python is the answer to the really serious questions in life.

on a more serious note id like to start by saying, i feel that everyone has a right to any kind of religion they want (so im not picking on anyone!!)

This is kinda off topic but in the scope of religion et al. I think that there is a popular misconception (or is it?) that true faith excludes the possibility of questions, it has to be a blind faith. the answer to all the paradoxies (paradoxes??....... the more than one paradox) about god given by many religions is that our failure to come to any conclusion is both the cause of and caused by our lack of faith. they argue that they have no such questions, since they are sure of what they believe then it seems to them that they have got it right. our failure to come to any deffinite answer proves that he is something beyond human conception and therefore something to be revered and worshiped (lest we feel his rath).

As for god cannot believe, i think that most (if not all) organised religions (im so gonna take some flack for this next comment, but from the bottom of my heart i mean no offence) show that if god does exist and can believe, he/she/it certianly doesn't believe in us. I'll explain what i mean by that

Aside from all the bad in the world which can be described as being god's will, we have a very vein person as a point of worship. i once read a quote from someone which summs up my feelings exactly and has stuck with me ever since, but alas in the passing of time i have forgotten the guy's name

"what kind of egotistical god would create a race, give them a utopia once they die, and only let them in if they praise HIS name every day"

I think this is so true, most religions (with the possible exception of buddism, i think?!) will tell you to pray every day or you can't get to heaven/nirvana etc. to me this shows that god doesn't trust us at all, and he only wants the ones that are on 'his side' to live in his utopia.

Anyway, like i said i mean no offence by any of what i said and i fully believe and strongly uphold everyone's right to believe in whatever they want, it's part of what makes up this world.

Peace out y'all

"No matter your pretence, you are what you are and nothing more." - Kenshiro Abbe Shihan
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