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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Mike Braxton wrote:
Sonja, kihon waza does mean basic technique. kihon = basic waza = technique. All of the techniques that you learn to obtain your shodan are kihon waza. They all teach you the basic principles involved in Aikido and are the easiest way to do a technique. Later on, we are taught the same techniques but in a much harder way to accomplish the technique.
But as every organisation includes different techniques on the way to shodan, that would mean that kihon waza are different in every organisation, right?
I have also heard the definition of kihon waza as techniques practiced staticly as opposed to techniques done Flowing/in movement (I forgot the name for that). I think I got that from some Iwama/Takemusu video or so... Is that also correct?

Thanks for the answer!
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