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It may sound crazy now and it won't change the "extra" hassle you're currently experiencing but if you stay focused on why and who you study Aikido for there will likely come a day when it will go into that plus column and you'll be able to say to yourself without any doubt whatsoever - "Oh, yes! I most certainly earned this!"

I was once in a place and took a lot of heat from just about everyone else in the place. You want to know something about just about all of those people who gave me all that heat? The last and as best I heard about *all* of them, not one of them made it. They *all* failed. I did not. I don't take any satisfaction from how that turned out in the long run, but it never crossed my mind while I was taking all that heat that was the way it would actually work out in the long run.

There's parts in the poem "Desirderata" (which can be searched for and found for free online) that *I* think is very applicable in the type of social situation you've been experiencing. If you get a chance, search for that poem online, read it and see what you think. The Best to you and yours!

"Who is gonna make it? We'll find out in the long run!" - The Eagles
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