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Re: Article: Customizing the Dogi by "The Mirror"

great feedback, folks--thanks!
marc, instructions on machine or hand hemming are not unique to aikido, so I wouldn't want to spend a column on it. For gi pants I'd just cut off the excess, leaving one inch more than desired finished length, turn to the inside 1/2" and press, then turn again 1/2" to "bury" the raw cut edge, press again, pin, and sew.
mary, blown out knees just as in jeans should be patched--you want to use prewashedfabric of similar weight/color to the pants (for gi pants I'd look for a lightweight all cotton twill as a lightwt plain weave won't hold up so well)--cut it with at least 1" margin larger than hole on all 4 sides and stitch in place. For aikido use, I'd recommend TWO patches, one on outside and one on insede, so the hole is sandwiched between two good layers (and a great opportunity to add knee padding!)

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