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Re: underestimated

I guess what is really bothering me is the stereo typing of age and sex. just because im young and female doesnt mean that i dont knwo what im talking about. These beginners that come in and are partnered with me treat me as inferior and like im a stupid child. But whats worse is theres also two other 3rd Kyuus who treat me like this as well. And although they are equal to me in rank, i have been told and i can see my aikido is a lot better then theres. Whenever i try to offer advice or suggestions, (not telling them how to do it just saying "try extending more ki, or, try to get me a bit more off balance" or something to that extent) i get snapped at and told that they know what there doing and there doing it right.

I too am a student as ichikyu (ist kyu) I also dont feel to be corrected by my partner for some reason. First we must also consider that every student goes to a dojo to practice/train . Instruction/advice must leave us thru our senseis. Secondly every technique is perfect in itself whether it is done by gokyu or rokyu ,
"perfect" in a sense that is appropriate to their level. Thirdly(it may not be included) variation was created in order for us to choose the style where we are comfortable with. I remember in the book "Art of Peace" o sensei used to say that "each and every teknik is a unique, once and for all ultimate terms there are no mistakes".

good day!
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