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David Yap
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Re: Slow Aikido

James Kelly wrote:
...You'd think it would be the other way around, but when I look at the Shihan, the faster the attack comes, the slower they seem to go.

I thought this might be particular to aikido, where the emphasis is not on speed and strength, but I've recently started cross training in capoeira, a very fast martial art, in a school where speed is emphasized over just about everything, and when the high levels play, they go slower and slower, even if their opponent is zipping around. They just put themselves in a place where the opponent can't attack. The better they are, the less they have to move to get into that place. It really is amazing to see one guy spinning and twirling like a top and the other, calmly stepping in and out of the way...
Hi James,

Hmmm..I think they call this phenomenon "efficiency"

Hi Dr. Seiser,

I'm reading "Aikido Basics". Great work. Congrats to you and Dang sensei.

Best training

David Y
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