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Re: Slow Aikido

My instructor used to tell me that speed was irrelevant to the entire spectrum of things.

He would demonstrate a technique on me doing it very fast, then do the technique relaxed and at half speed. Both time he asked me to reverse it, or to stop the flow of the technique and I could not respond to either.

The brain and the muscles can only respond so fast, and they can not re-react.

Now I learned the re-react from Hanshi Dillman. Let someone do a front hand choke on you and move swiftly and hard all the way to the right, then directly move your head swiftly and hard all the way to the right.

The person choking you can not maintain a grip strong enough to hurt you and it gives you time to take their hands away or walk backward. (This does have to be done rather fast, not too slow otherwise the persons brain will catch up and latch on you).

The lesson was to show that the brain and the muscles can not re-react, they only react quicklly.

If you can think of the many techniques that we do that we change direction, you will understand why it is so hard for our partners to re-react to techniques making speed almost irrelevant. You just barely have to be fast enough to make sure your partners brain doesnt catch up to what's going on.

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